EmojiMe : Show Your Feelings

Engineered for Sound. Designed for Happiness.

How You Feeling? Ok? Good? Great? Time to show the world!

Express Your Inner Self Like Never Before with EmojiMe.

The worlds first brainwave reading, emoji-showing, awesome sounding happy headphones.


EEG Emoji Headphones?

Just when you thought you'd seen it all! Here comes  a pair of headphones to melt even the coldest heart. New at CES2019 is EmojiMe. Headphones that use AI and inbuilt EEG to read your happiness and show your emoji. EmojiMe - the worlds happiest headphones!

Wireless Headphones

We started with EEG but knew we needed great sound. All the good stuff including AptX, Active Noise Cancellation and Wireless connection are here. You can even turn the emoji's off if you're feeling shy.

Brainwave EEG

Two channel low noise EEG amplifier with silver electrodes above the ears. 500Hz sample rate at 16bit fidelity takes meaningful measurement of your brain states. 


Eight different emojis to show your emotions to the world. Use the EmojiMe mobile app to download and install new Emoji's.  Share your EmojiMe with the world.

Artificial Emoij Intelligence

Deep, Deep, Deep, Machine Learning Algomojis process your brainwave signal. The more you wear your EmojiMe's the more they will understand you. 


The EmojiMe team is hard at work in the EmojiLab working on some awesome new features. Hopefully these will provide awesome stretch goals for the crowd funding campaign. Join the mailing list to learn the deets.

When can I buy?

Good idea! Join our mailing list to be the first to know when we launch.


Emoji Me

You won't be surprised to learn that EmojiMe started as a joke. We were messing around with EEG and biofeedback systems and the next thing you know we've got emojis on our ears.
Emotion detection from EEG is non-trivial but beneficial. Trivializing serious PhD research into a pair of headphones is very 2019.
You have to be a certain kinda person to want to wear your heart on your sleeve. A certain kind of awesome/cheery/happy/crazy/brilliant. 
I am Artificial (Emoji) Intelligence. I am you, but emoji you. I am Your Emoji Me. Let's have some fun!

Don’t worry! Join our list and be happy!